Tea Dryer Machine


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Brief introduction

LGJ-30F pressing-type (0.3m2 silicone oil heating) vacuum refrigerating & drying machine
The vacuum refrigerating & drying machine is widely used in industries of pharmaceutical, medical, biological, chemical and food, etc. After the refrigerating and the drying, the object is easy to be stored, and when water is added, the object can be recovered to its original state, and its original biochemical characteristics can be maintained.
The machine can be used for the refrigerating and drying for not only the bulk goods (liquid, paste or solid), but also the goods in vials. Before the drying, firstly fill content into the vial, put the cap on the bottle, and have the refrigerating and the drying. After the drying, the cap is pressed to tight, which can avoid the second contamination, and it’s easy to be stored for a long time.
The operation for LGJ-30F refrigerating & drying machine (silicone oil heating) is simple and automatic. There are functions of shelves heating & the programming, the refrigerating curves can be saved, data can be read with the attached U disk, so it’s convenient for users to observe the refrigerating process.  


  1. The operation for the in-line per-freezing and the drying is easy, and the drying effect is good.
  2. The acrylic plate is used for the drying room’s door, it’s colorless and transparent, and the whole refrigerating process can be observed.
  3. The safety diaphragm valve is used, the inert gas can be connected, which can postpone the goods’ validity.
  4. With the patented gas’ guiding technology, the cold trap can catch ice evenly, and the ability is strong.
  5. Two sets of well-known compressors are used cooperatively, the refrigerating effect is strong, it’s energy saving, the service life is long, and the noise low.
  6. The patented shelf technology and the fuzzy control technology for shelves’ temperature are used, the temperature differences among shelves are small, the temperature control accuracy is high, and the drying is even.
  7. With the freezing curve’s optimizing & controlling technology, the temperature can be controlled at the per-refrigerating period and at the sublimating & the drying period, and the current vacuum value can be controlled.
  8. The powerful sensor ensures that after a long time operation, the testing value is accurate.
  9. The 7’ true-color built-in touch screen and SH-HPSC-II module-type controller are used, the control accuracy is high, and the properties are stable and reliable.
  10. The professional FD-PILOT control system can save hundreds of process formulas, and fifty temperature control sections are contained in each formula, and the process is optimized.
  11. The intelligent data recording system can record and display the cold trap’s temperature curve, the sample’s temperature curve and the vacuum curve, and data can be read in the computer and can be printed out, which is convenient to optimize the process and qualify the drying effect.
  12. The manual control is used to study the process, and the automatic control is used for the mass production.
  13. The real-time alarm displaying and the historical alarming inquiry are convenient to diagnosis faults and maintain the machine.
  14. During the drying, the vacuum can be regulated, which avoid the bubbling or bottle blowing if it’s special material, and the drying efficiency is increased.
  15. The user’s class and the password can be set, which is helpful to manage the operation. 
Technical parameters
Refrigerating area
Pallet size
Pallet quantity
Shelf size
Shelf quantity
3+1 layers
Distance between shelves
Temperature range for shelves
Temperature difference of shelves
±1??when it’s balancing?
Temperature of cold trap
?-75??empty load?
Water catching ability
Limit vacuum degree
?5pa?empty load?
Main machine’s weight