Key Items to Consider for Supplement Production Equipment

Key Items to Consider for Supplement Production Equipment

Equipment selection for supplement production is not an exact science. There are many considerations, including rigorous quality and safety standards. Most of today’s equipment is capital intensive which shines a glaring light on the engineering team. Cleaning procedures and environmental controls are going to be much more sensitive in a facility that manufactures ready-to-drink beverages or confectionery products. The type of finished product, associated costs, and good manufacturing practices (GMPs) are always going to be at the top of the list but there are other key considerations. 

Sifting, Milling, and Weighing 

Anomalies typically find their way into raw materials and hard to find botanical items. Screening equipment is helpful when processing this material, especially if it oscillates. GMPs require foreign particles to be removed from raw and naturally sourced materials before processing anyway. Milling equipment also helps when blending different-sized particles from raw materials. The combination of reliable milling and oscillating screening equipment promotes content uniformity in the finished product while reducing waste. It’s a win, win. Since you must verify accuracy against known weights to meet GMPs, equipment that can produce weigh tickets is preferred.  

Blending and Material Handling

Blenders are perhaps some of the most important equipment considerations because size and capacity aren’t the only variables. There are many different types of blenders and operating range dictates batch size. While every industry has its own preference type, that may not make the most financial sense for you. Be sure to research extensively and consult with your team before deciding on a blender. Material handling is an often overlooked aspect of the manufacturing process but a critical one. You’ve got to get your materials to and from the blender, and every other step in the process, while protecting them from contamination. While there are multiple technologies to consider, some require more maintenance than others which can significantly slow the process and impede production. 


Manufacturing facilities are high volume/output and packaging is part of marketing. The packaging must be attractive, protect the product, and ensure adequate shelf-life. Product degradation varies due to packaging and environmental factors. Consider automated stuffers to reduce breakage and dusting, thereby reducing waste. You’ll also want the packaging to be tamper-evident. Don’t forget, you’ll also need to utilize metal detection or x-ray technology to ensure the integrity of the finished product. Extensive planning, maintenance, and careful detail are necessary to produce a high-quality product at high volume. When you’re ready to purchase supplement production equipment or upgrade the machinery you have, partner with American Machineries Inc. We are the industry’s leading production and packaging supply company for pharmaceutical products. Browse the best pharma machinery in America.

Three Factors To Consider When Choosing Pharmaceutical Packaging

Three Factors To Consider When Choosing Pharmaceutical Packaging

One of the pharmaceutical industry’s ongoing concerns is how to improve the packaging of products. Not only are medications susceptible to handling, transport, and temperatures, but shelf-life is also crucial to the product’s potency. Failure of packaging can render the product unusable, making pharmaceutical packaging critical in ensuring medical products’ quality.


Besides meeting the supply chain demands, packaging must also meet numerous standards regarding consumer safety and governmental regulations. Of the many pharmaceutical packaging challenges, there are three that are crucial to the successful distribution of quality products.


Handling and Transport

The packaging of pharmaceuticals must be designed to facilitate the movement of the product. Handling and transport times should be enabled by packaging and never slowed by its design. Most medicine boxes are rectangular to handle numerous products more efficiently, such as packing for shipping and stacking for storing. The successful packaging design of the product must increase its ability to be handled proficiently.


Pharmaceutical products are transported by land, sea, and air, presenting specific challenges in each method. Packaging must be of high quality and resistant to temperature changes, and impervious to air. Rotomolded cases, custom-made packaging materials, and heat-sealed containers can significantly protect pharmaceutical products in transport.


Preservation of Product

Medications are sensitive to a range of elements and need to be delivered to the shelf safely to preserve their integrity. Keeping the curative effects of the medicine is perhaps the most integral component of sufficient packaging. Certain medications are unstable and need to be packaged with fragile materials such as capsules or vials to maintain curative effects.


Providing Information

Pharmaceutical packaging must be able to be informative, providing doctors, nurses, medical staff, pharmacists, and consumers with all necessary information about a product. Packaging should contain batch numbers, expiration dates, composition, mode of use, and all other pertinent information that relates to the product.


Choosing the Right Product Packaging for Your Pharmaceutical Needs

Your product will most likely dictate the direction in which it’s packaging will need to be determined. You must evaluate all options and consider the handling, storing, transporting, and administering your product when deciding how it will be packaged. Quality packaging ensures quality products.


At American Machineries Inc, we provide the industry’s leading pharmaceutical production and packaging supplies for all of your company’s needs. When it comes to your pharmaceutical product, don’t settle for less than the highest quality packaging.

The Value In Drug Packaging In The Supply Chain Process

The Value In Drug Packaging In The Supply Chain Process

Pharmaceutical drug packaging is an often overlooked value component in the U.S. drug manufacturing industry, yet it remains a critical link in the supply chain. This drug packaging link ultimately connects drug manufacturers to consumers with the help of prescribers and dispensers. This role plays a significant performance in the supply chain process for the health care delivery system we know today. 

FDA Approval 

A crucial part of the FDA’s drug approval process is the final testing stage, where the drug goes to market for stability testing. This testing regards the level of potency and effectiveness that the drug retains while reaching the consumer. Packaging affects everything from moisture absorption levels, exposure to light, air and temperature interactions, and conditions that can alter or decrease the drug’s properties. These stability testing results help determine appropriate packaging for the medicine to maintain its integrity on the market. 

Stability Needs

Stability tests dictate the type of container or packaging of the drug. From traditional amber-colored bottles that keep light infiltration at a minimum to foil wraps and blister packaging, packaging ranges with the need of the contents that are to be inside. Requirements considered in packaging also include dosages of the drug and course of treatment counts, and intended supply durations. Medications can also be packaged in customized kits or single packs with specific dosages; everything is considered when packaging is determined. 


Value In The Supply Chain

The final choice of packaging has value in the supply chain of the drug. In choosing the best packaging for the product, both the supply chain’s safety and security improvements. The drug can maintain its stability throughout the lifespan to the expiration date, regardless of where and how long it has been sitting until consumption. Packaging that ensures a drug is effective during its lifespan helps increase its effectiveness and the integrity of its dosage guide. 


Overmedicating errors, especially in multi packages, can be reduced, eliminating pharmacists’ need to pull bottles and count pills. Security is reinforced throughout the package’s safety measures, such as child safety designs and anti-tampering elements. Each of these safety considerations must be taken into account when determining a pharmaceutical product’s sufficient packaging. 


Quality Packaging Products

The value of the drug product lies well within its packaging. When considering your products’ packaging needs, APM USA has what you need to ensure product stability, safety, and security. 

4 Pharmaceutical Machines Supplement Makers Should Have  Liquid and Capsule Filling Machines Capsule polishing Machine Capsule counting machine

4 Pharmaceutical Machines Supplement Makers Should Have Liquid and Capsule Filling Machines Capsule polishing Machine Capsule counting machine

As people become more health-conscious, there is a growing market for natural health and weight loss supplements. For nutrition and fitness gurus with ambition, this growing market is a chance to sell their own proprietary supplements. Getting into the supplement industry is easier than people may realize. All you need is a product idea and the equipment to mass produce and bottle the product. Thanks to American Pharma Machinery, thinking of your product idea is the hard part. We offer everything you need to make high-quality supplements in professional packaging. Here are four pharmaceutical machines that supplement manufacturers should have.
Liquid and Capsule Filling Machines
When making a health supplement, it's crucial to provide the product in a form that's easy for the user to consume. The best way to do this depends on the composition of the product and the needs of the user. Some supplements work better as pills and others are best in a liquid form. In either event, American Machineries has filling machines that will meet your needs. We have several capsule filling machines that can produce fill and seal capsule pills in a variety of sizes. Similarly, we have liquid filling machines that can quickly and accurately fill small bottles with liquids and oils. Any supplement maker that wants to fill capsules and bottles will need to use these kinds of machines if they plan to mass produce the product.
Powder Packaging Machine
Many supplements can be sold in a powder form, which makes the product more manageable for the consumer to carry. Supplements that are mixed with water are prime candidates for this kind of packaging. Having the powder separated into serving size packages is convenient for the customer and ensures they always have the right amount. Professional packaging is also crucial for powder supplements since it makes consumers feel the product is more trustworthy. American Machineries has several powder packaging machines that can package and box powder products for sale.
Counting Machines
Counting the number of small things in a package can be tricky. It’s the reason why candy like M&Ms and Skittles use weight instead of the number of pieces in the package. However, supplement and pharmaceutical manufacturers don’t have the luxury of estimating how many units are in each package. Rather than try to count out 90 pills by hand, most supplement manufacturers rely on counting machines, like the ones we have at American Machineries These devices can accurately count the number of tablets or capsules in each bottle without damaging the pills.
Labeling Machines
Even if you make a good supplement, if the packaging is lackluster, people won't pay attention to it. Having a good label is almost as important as the product in the bottle. You also want a label that is professionally applied to the container. If it looks like your supplements had the label applied by hand, people may question the quality of the operation that created the product. American  Machineries has labeling machines that can expertly apply professional-looking labels to supplement bottles. Besides ensuring that every bottle is labeled correctly and uniformly, these machines save a lot of time. The device can place labels far faster than any worker, so it pays for itself in reduced employee costs.
If you’re ready to start mass-producing a supplement, or you want to upgrade the equipment you currently use, American  Machineries has everything you need. Send us a message online if you have any questions about the products we carry or the ordering process. Capsule polishing Machine Capsule counting machine
Best Pharmaceutical Machinery In USA/ capsule filling machine/ bottle filling machine tablet machine

Best Pharmaceutical Machinery In USA/ capsule filling machine/ bottle filling machine tablet machine

While it's no the kind of thing that everyone needs, there are business owners and product manufacturers who are looking for pharmaceutical machinery. Besides being used to create medication, this machinery can also be used to develop health products, such as vitamins and supplements. Here's how you can find reliable and affordable pharmaceutical machinery by buying equipment from the U.S.
When shopping for pharmaceutical machinery, it's best to look for machines that were produced in America. There are several advantages to buying US-made machinery. The first benefit you will notice is the speed of delivery. If you needed to purchase pharmaceutical equipment immediately, American Machineries is where you should shop. We have machines in stock and can have them to you in as little as 15 days. In contrast, the average delivery time on an order from China is around 90 days.
Recent government action has given businesses a greater incentive to buy US-made pharmaceutical machinery. Anyone who orders a machine from China will see the price they pay rise by 25 percent, due to tariffs. When you order products that cost thousands of dollars, these tariffs can add a lot of money to the final price of the equipment. American Pharma Machinery already has great prices and special offers, so buying your equipment through us can save your organization money.
As the tariff situation shows, buying pharmaceutical equipment involves a lot of customs paperwork and regulation. If you order a machine from China, you will file ISF paperwork within 24 hours of shipment to avoid a $5,000 fine. You also need to apply for an importer license. Otherwise, you could end up with your purchase being seized by the DEA. Additionally, you would want to have a customs bond to protect your interests during the process. By buying an American-made machine, you can avoid some of these customs issues. And when you buy from American Machineries, all of these custom filings are handled for your purchase, so you have nothing to worry about. Besides handling the custom fillings, American Pharma Machinery also ensures all customs fees are fully paid on all pharma machinery, such as capsule filling machines and packaging machines.
Perhaps the most significant advantage of buying pharmaceutical equipment from a company like American  Machineries is that it's 100% risk-free. People who have purchased their machines from vendors they found on sites like Alibaba have run into many issues. For example, the seller might ship the wrong device or one that uses a power phase that is not customized for the US. Shipments can arrive late, and there is little, if any, after-sale support. Machines have been known to arrive damaged, and there is often no return policy. In some of the worse cases, people have even received counterfeit equipment that doesn't do what it meant to do.
With American Machineries, all of our orders are customized to meet our customers' needs. We provide free shipping, delivery and pick up. And installation is guaranteed on all major machines. You know that you will get the machine you ordered and that it will be set up correctly. We even provide one year of after-sale support, so you don't have to worry about getting a dud order.
If you’re interested in learning more about buying pharmaceutical equipment from American Machineries send us a message online. You can book a free, one-hour session where we can help you determine your needs and the right machine for you. Best Pharmaceutical Machinery In USA bottle filling machine tablet machine
4 Pharmaceutical Machines to Make Your Products More Professional

4 Pharmaceutical Machines to Make Your Products More Professional

When you buy a bottle of medicine or a nutritional supplement from a major retailer, it’s easy to overlook how much care goes into ensuring the customer gets something that meets their expectations. You would be upset if you bought some aspirin and half of the pills we crushed at the bottom of the bottle. Similarly, you wouldn’t trust a product that misplaced labels or other packaging defects. To ensure customers choose your pharmaceutical product, you need to ensure that what you’re selling meets consumer standards. Here are four pharmaceutical machines that can make your product look more professional.
Capsule and Tablet Inspection Machine
To start with the problem mentioned in the opening, you can buy a machine to ensure that all of the pills you sell match the expectations of the customer. Rather than employing an army of watchful eyes, a capsule and tablet inspection machine uses physics to accomplish the same goal. The apparatus works by feeding the pills into a conveyor roller feeder; the capsules fall on the conveyor roller which flips them around in a way that artificially detects and sorts out any unqualified products. Using one of these machines dramatically speeds up the process of removing damaged pills and bottling a good product for the market.
Wrap Around Self Adhesive Labeling Machine
Though it's the last step in the process of producing pharmaceuticals for sale, the label is one of the most important factors in determining if someone buys a product. The label needs to be informative and have an eye-catching design. It's equally important to have the labels applied uniformly across all bottles. If it looks like you stuck the labels on by hand, it makes the product look less professional, regardless of the actual quality of the substance in the package. To get the perfect label application every time, you need a labeling machine. American Machineries has a wrap-around, self-adhesive labeling machine that can be used to make labeling faster and more consistent on every bottle.
Film Coating Machine
Some products use film to maintain freshness and to ensure the customer that the package hasn't been modified by someone while in transit from the manufacturing plant. These film coatings are essential to many consumers. Customers will feel safer using a product if it has a film coating that makes it fresher and less prone to contamination. American Machineries sells several machines that can produce this kind of film coating for your products. These machines can be widely used for coating various tablets, pills, and sweets with organic film, water-soluble film, sugar film, etc. One of these machines is an all-purpose film coating machine, while the other is more for tablet pills and chewing gum.
Automatic Strip Packing Machine
Strip and blister packaging are used when you want to keep every pill separated, or you want to make it easier for people to take the correct dosage. Strip packaging can benefit pharmaceutical manufacturers in other ways. It takes more effort to create strip packaging, and that can be used to denote quality to consumers. The fact that the brand has made an effort to use strip packaging shows that they are a serious pharmaceutical manufacturer. If you're ready to help your customers and make your product look more professional, you can get an automatic strip packing machine from American Machineries Inc.
Whatever kind of device you need to produce pharmaceuticals can nutritional supplements, you can get it from American Machineries. We have great prices, and all of our stock is here in the U.S., so you get the products you need much faster. Send us a message online if you have any questions about ordering equipment for your business.
Find Out Why Every Supplements Manufacturer Needs A Capsule/Tablet Polishing Machine

Find Out Why Every Supplements Manufacturer Needs A Capsule/Tablet Polishing Machine

The capsule tablet polishing machine is one of the best one-time investments a company owner can make in order to promote the quality of products and enhance their sales. In addition to being small and easy to move, it is also quite affordably priced and pretty light on the pocket. 

Even if your company is running on a tight and limited budget, it is quite possible to squeeze in a capsule polishing machine. This will not just improve your standard of delivery but will also sky-rocket your sales in due course of time. 

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High-Efficiency Film Coating Machine - All Models

High-Efficiency Film Coating Machine - All Models

The High-Efficiency Film Coating Machine is a lot smaller in size than most other machines employed in the pharma and healthcare industries. This gives it an added advantage to the rest. 

Given that the machine puts forth little to no noise pollution, you can even greatly reduce the sound pollution in your company leading to an overall peaceful and sober vibe in the working place.

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Best Paper Box /Carton /Bottle Packing Machine

Best Paper Box /Carton /Bottle Packing Machine

The technology on which the paper box packing machine works is pretty new and innovative. Also, this design is still under development and is expected to take over the packing industry hugely in terms of advancement and stability.

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The Single Punch Tablet Press Machine is Ideal for Small Manufacturers

The Single Punch Tablet Press Machine is Ideal for Small Manufacturers

The Single Punch Tablet Press Machine is nothing but a device that manufactures tablets only by landing a single punch. This device is quite widely used in almost all small scale pharma companies, food factories, and in the health and fitness industries too. 

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