Series Continuous Air Suction Band Sealer


SKU: P0227S

This machine is based on the widely absorb the essence of similar foreign products and vacuum machine .according to the latest requirement of the market to design on a new model with send, vacuum, inflatable (such as nitrogen or other gases), seal, code, in one set, continuous sealing and packing machine.
This machine with Simple and novel structure, beautiful appearance, complete function, the high degree of automation, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operator.


  • Sealing-Cut Speed 0-12m/min
  • Sealing Width 6-12mm
  • Temperature Range 0~300°C
  • Max.thickness of single-layer film -0.08
  • Conveyor Load Max. 3.kgs
  • Power 1405W
  • Voltage 220V 50HZ/110V 60HZ
  • Machine size(L x W x H) 1025x450x?940+140 adjusted)
  • Weight 85kgs