Organic Pigment Benzimidazolone Carmine Cas no 51920-12-8


SKU: P3290S

Product Description

The company has always regarded science and technology as the first productivity.

it has advanced  testing facilities, strict production management and sound quality assurance system.

The new products, which the company developed together with the institutions of the domestic key universities, have filled the domestic blank, and are deeply recommended by domestic and foreign users.

Quality Control
1.Very good stability to solvents, light, heat, and weathering;
2.Good tinctorial strength ;
3.Cost effectiveness;
4.Consistency and unique shades;
5.Completely non-toxic;
6 .Very bright, pure, rich colors;
7. Organic pigments shows good color strengt;

1. The Largest Professional Pigment Manufacture in China.
2. The Most Competitive Price.
3. The Best Quality.
4. We have the reports: TDS, Reach MSDS, FDA

Physical performances :

PH value: 6.5
Coloured light: 
yellow light red
Coloring power(compared with standard): 100±5
Oil absorption(ml/100g): 45±5
105°Cvolatilesubstance: 0.99%
Water solubility content: 0.6%
Grain size: 22um
Viscidity: 9.59mm2/s


Heat resistance: 260°C
Light resistance: 7
Weather resistance: 5
Fastness migration : 5
Acid fastness: 5
Alkali resistance : 5

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