Oral Liquid Filling Capping Machine Spout Pouch Packing Machine


SKU: P1673S

Product Description

Product Application

This series oral filling capping (roll) machine mainly used for 20/30/50/60/100ml glass bottle, metal thread cap's filling, add cap, capping (roll);

This series machine filling system and capping (roll) system is embodied incisvely an d vividly, filling precision high, o dripping;

Capping (roll) structure is our company patent structure, capping (roll) smooth. Effectively ensure the quality of the packaging.

Technicical Parameters
Applicable specification
Production speed
40-60 bottle/min
80-100 bottle/min
150-220 bottle /min
Filling error
Power supply
220V, 2KW
220V, 2.5KW
220V, 5KW



1. Mitsubishi frequency control, rapid control of production capacity.

2. Automatically complete the process of bottle filling, bottle feeding, filling, capping, capping, and bottle discharging.

3. The rolling part of the machine adopts a three-claw type structure, which has the advantages of firm rolling joint, good sealing, smooth aluminum foil without wrinkles, no trace, low breaking rate, high production efficiency and simple operation.

4. When the bottle is moved to the upper cover mechanism, the upper cover process is automatically completed, and the device has a function of no bottle and no cover.

5. Three-knife rolling method is adopted. The distance between the three knives can be finely adjusted, the adaptability is strong, and the yield of the rolled cap is high; the sealing curling is smooth, the sealing is good, the operation is convenient, and the breakage rate is small.