Mbr Membrane Bioreactor Unit for Municipal and Industrial Wastewater


SKU: P1811S

Product Description

Water treatment includes physical and chemical processes. The ways in which human water treatment have been years of history, physical methods including the use of a variety of different aperture size, the filter material using adsorption or blocking way, exclude the impurities in the water, the adsorption mode of less important for adsorption on activated carbon, blocking method is through the water, the filter material for large impurity cannot pass, and get more clean water. In addition, the physical method also includes precipitation method, which means that the impurities with a smaller proportion are floating on the surface of the water, or the impurities with larger proportion are deposited in the lower part, and thus obtained. Chemical method is to use various chemicals to the water impurities into smaller material harm to the human body, or the impurity concentration, the oldest of the chemical treatment method should be use alum in the water, the water impurities after collection, volume change, used to filter method, remove the impurities.

Purified Water Generator

The system is customized for varying local feed water properties, integrating multiple treatment technologies. Purified water quality meets and exceeds CHP, UPS and EP standards.

Multi Effect Stills.

Designed in high pharmaceuticals standard to ensure high quality of WEI free of inner toxin and Hydrogen, employing various evaporation, separation and heat-exchange technologies, this system has been proven to be very reliable and is an industry leader.

Pure Stream Generator

The advanced external evaporator and pre-heater design highly efficient techniques for discharge UN-condensation steam ensure pure and hydrogen-free steam generation that meets the highest international standards.