Inkjet Code Egg Printer


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Digital inkjet printer features:

1.Compared with other marking ways, Best Laser digital inkjet printer has its own advantages, the mark is clean, hard to erase, suitable for rapid production, applied widely, and economic. It is a promotion and progress to production and distribution management to choose digital inkjet printertechnique as a marking mode.

2. Best Laser's digital inkjet printer machine use advanced software meet various requirements of production when modify the software.

3.Specialization of digital inkjet printer: through the deep research, the modular circuit and hydro-system with low power and high level of integration hardware has been designed.

4. Best Laser selects the best fittings from all over the world. Power supplies are offered by the most famous manufacturer who supplied to the aviation in China, touch-screen, pumps are made in Germany, the electrical chips are supply by Phillips and the pipelines are  imported from Switzerland.

5. digital inkjet printer adopts humanity design, English-Chinese mutual, phonetic and region-position input, ability to download BMP from computer, one button touch stop/ start function, diagnose any fault automatics, phase and viscosity controlled automatically, nozzles auto wash. inkjet printer can work with the production line or conveyor belt to achieve the online flying printing.

Techincal parameters
Spray print fonts
Bitmap fonts

Spray print character
English and Chinese, Arabic numerals, various symbols, various characters, trademark patterns, barcodes
Automatic spray print date, time, shift, batch, serial number, graphics, random code, external data, etc

Manipulation language
English + Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, Arabic,Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Hungarian, Turkish, Bengali, Farsi, Thai
Chinese input
Pinyin input location code input
It can be transmitted via USB or edited directly on the machine
Editing interface
one key switch to Chinese or English menu , editing mode of What You See Is What You Get, you can preview the document when printing
Spray printing line
1-3 line 7 lines(5x5)
Spray print direction
The sprinkler head is adjustable from 0 to 360 degrees
Spray printing character height:
Storage information
It can store 140 pieces spray printing information

Spray print lattice

Spray print speed
3m/s (5x7)
Barcode spray print
EAN8  EAN13  Code39 types of barcodes, etc.
Spray print distance
The sprinkler head can reach up to 50mm to the printed thing
Operating screen
10.4 inch touch screen, icon function button, easy to operate
Spray print material
It can be sprayed on the surface of metal, board, aluminum foil,carton and its construction materials, etc
Apply to industry
Food, beverage, cosmetics, electronic,auto parts, pharmaceutical, building materials and chemical industries,etc
Oil ink used
Condi original printing ink
Oil ink color
Black ink, high adhesion ink, high temperature ink
Pigment type can be sprayed: white ink, yellow ink, red ink
Communication interface
Standard USB interface, can be used to connect the electronic scales or printing code,etc
Operation temperature
Operation humidity
Oil ink loss
Per liter ink can print about 4.5 million bars of production dates (5x7 font)
Machine performance
Automatic cleaning, ink viscosity can adjust automatically

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