Inclined Feed Screw Conveyor Price


SKU: P4436S

Product Description

Screw feeder has the characteristics of easy to install, operate and maintain. Due to special design, it is suitable for free flow and non-flow character materials, such as milk, solid beverage, sugar, coffee powder, pharmaceutical, pesticide, additives,etc.


1. Hopper wall thickness 1.5mm frame. Material 304 stainless steel.

2 .The screw barrel is selected for the pipe diameter of 102 sanitary tubes, polishing process is added.

3. The feed screw is full welded and polished, the blade thickness is 2mm.

4. Vibrating feeder preferred listing brand Zhejiang "WoLong".

5. RV reducer transmission, high efficient operation, long service life, high bearing capacity.

6 . "U" type tube on the feeder tube cover can easily be segmented opening, screw segment disassembly, convenient cleaning equipment, installation.

The vibrating screw feeder can enhance various powder materials, feed box and screw are made of stainless steel material; the respective switch control vibration amplitude adjustable motor, vibration motor, a screw can be convenient to disassemble and clean the automatic feeding, automatic stop; and between the screw barrel and silo soft connection, disassembly relaxed; barrel lower valve and a reversing switch, easy cleaning; silo with vibration motor, the automatic material into a spiral.