High-speed Electric Label Dispenser


SKU: P0234S

Label dispensers and label applicators help remove a label from its liner or backing paper. They are used in manufacturing, bulk mailing, packaging, and the food and beverage industry.

The high-speed electric label dispenser has an FDA-approved special coating with stainless steel screws. It dispenses small labels and die-cut parts made from paper, polyester, vinyl, acetate, foam, foil, and other materials, and is designed for small work areas. AL-1150D has a photosensor, which ensures that the unit peels, dispenses, and advances the label roll accurately and consistently. The liner scrap is automatically rewound for a clean working environment. No tools are required to adjust the dispenser for different label sizes. The dispenser housing is made from anodized aluminum for durability.


  • Model AL-1150D
  • Type Microcomputer label dispenser
  • Applicable Label Length 3-150mm
  • Applicable Label Width 4-140mm
  • Outer Label Diameter ?250mm
  • Roll Diameter ?25/50mm
  • Speed 1-8m/min
  • Display 6-digit LED
  • Counting Range 0-999999pcs
  • Power Supply 220V 50HZ/110V 60HZ
  • Net Weight 3.5kg