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Product Description

Soft Bag I.V Solution Production Line

Non-PVC multilayer co-extrusion film infusion soft bag packing I.V has the characteristics of innocuity,strong compatibility with drug solution,good isolating air and water,long keeping period,resistant high-temperature,anti-low temperature and convenient transportation.In the process of infusion,there is no need to add inlet tube due to automatic contract of soft bag,eliminating the second solution during infusion,recycling empty bag does not pollute environment.


1.Film feeding
Adopt constant tension system,making the tension force of the film stable.

2.Film stretching
Adopt continuous film stretching technology,wich saves 1 second of time comparing with the original one and promote the production line speed.

Adopt thermal transfer technology,and print the content on the printing plate to the film surface.

4.Port feeding
It is equipped with bag storage hopper,ensuring that there are always a small amount of bag storage in the feeding shock plate and can conduct automatic monitoring and feeding,to prevent particles occurring when the material has mutual friction in the feeding.

The two time preheating heat the port adopting heat transfer method.And the temperarure of each preheating mold is controlled independently,which ensures the preheating molds are at the same temperature.

The heating pipe is directly installed in the mold,the temperature probe is installed on the forming mold surface,the accuracy of forming temperature control is high,and the phenomenon of inconsistency between the forming temperature and the displayed temperature shall not appear,so as to ensure the high qualified rate.

7.Port welding,film cooling and chamfering
Each welding mold was driven by single cylinder,the adaptability of the port is strong,and it shall not influence the welding quality between the port and film due to change of the overall dimension of the port;low bag leakage rate.

8.Shaping,chamfering and slitting waste edge
The cylinder is equipped with shaping mold,uniform mold pressure,good shaping effect.

9.Bag transferring
Transfer the bags from the bag making machine to the filling and sealing machine with the dislocation handover way,short bag moving distance,stable and reliable mechanism running.

Each filling head shall be driven with upper and lower position of single cylinder,the sealability between the filling head and the port is good,it shall not make some port and filling head loose due to the change of port,which shall make liquid overflow and pollute the equipment,also influence the quality of the port and the cap welding.

11.Cap handling
As with the port feeding system,the combined cap conveying system is also equipped with a storage hopper,which can ensure that there are always a small amount of cap storage in the material feeding shock plate,and can make automatic monitoring and feeding,but not a great amount of cap accumulation,to prevent particles occurring when the material has mutual friction in the feeding.

Each welding head shall be driven by single cylinder,ensuring the contact pressure between the combined cap and the port shall not change with the combination cap or port dimension size,thereby ensuring the welding quality of the combined cap and the port.It can realize no bag or no qualified bag,no sealing,which can save the package material.

13.Bag outfeeding
The gas claw shall withdraw the finished products from the sealing and filling machine,and shall be transported to the sterilizations station equipped with the belt conveyor system.


Technical Parameters
Soft bags type S4 type S2 type S1 type
4bags/group (2 bags/group) (1 bags/group)
100ml 3500bags/hour 2400 bags/hour 1200 bags/hour
250ml 3500bags/hour 2400 bags/hour 1200 bags/hour
500ml 3400bags/hour 2200 bags/hour 1100 bags/hour
1000ml 2800bags/hour 1800 bags/hour 900 bags/hour