Glass Bottle Beer Washer Filler Capper


SKU: P4499S

Product Description

This line is used for the automatic bottle unscrambling, plugs & caps inserting & rotating by manipulator of eye drops & all kinds of bottle + stopper + cap units.

If it’s needed, bottle unscrambling or feeding can be equipped. No filling when no bottle; No plugging when no bottle; No capping when no stopper.

The manipulator is used for the plugging & capping structure, and the pass rate gets to more than 99.9%. Its property is stable and reliable.

The packing material can be customized, the isolating & protective system can be equipped, and the aseptic eye drop can be produced in this line. As to user’s demand, the configuration can be customized, so the requirement with different specification or different capacities can be satisfied. 

Technical parameters
Bottle volume

Single-head 40-55 bottles/min;

Double-heads: 60-100 bottles/min
Pass rate of plugs & caps inserting
Filling error
Electric capacity
380/220V- 2.5KW
Air pressure & consumption of purified compressed air
0.3-0.5MPa, 1-3m3/h
950KG- 1200KG

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