Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine with Filling and Feeding Machine


SKU: P4034S

Product specification 

DXDC8IV model tea bag packing machine is new developed, with thermal sealing and multi-functions, it's the necessary for bag-type drinking's automatic packing.

With the innovated external packing method, the bag shape is beautiful. The transmission system is controlled by the variable frequency, the intermediate plate-type thermal sealing is adopted for the outside bag, and the cartoning is automatic. 
The machine can be used for the thermal sealing for many kinds of films, including paper/plastic, plastic/plastic, plastic/Alu/plastic/ and paper/Alu/ plastic, etc. 
Application: Heath care tea, antihypertensive tea, liver protecting tea, beauty tea and slimming tea
Packing speed
Width of inner bag's filtering paper
Packing volume
Inner bag size (L×W)
62.5 mm×50 mm
Outside bag size (L×W)
70 mm×80 mm

Label size (L×W)
24mm×26mm(Thermal-sealing label)
24 mm×28 mm (Thermal-sealing label for tear open)
Length of label wire

Material of outside bag
Many kinds of compounding material can be used for the outside, including BOPP20/ VM-PET12/ PE40, paper/ PE, matting OPP20/ BOPP35, etc
Power supply
AC  220V/380V
Dimension (L×W×H)
1840mm×1290mm×1890mm(Standard configuration)

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