Biological Scanning Video Digital Desktop Electron Microscope


SKU: P3590S

We have prepared different gifts for different user groups.
If test blood, please tell APM customer service to delivery blood test package.
If test Animal sperm activity, fish disease , skin mites,please tell APM customer service to delivery livestock, aquaculture, mites test package.

Magnification times:
40x-640x (It's 5000times for the crystal physics.)
Barrel for the viewer:
For single eye, TV, 30degree inclining, 360degree rotating.
Eye lens
Objective lens
Achromatic objective lens 4x/10x/40x (The spring can stretch out and draw back.)
3-hole extroversion
Objective table
Movable table with teeth, 110mm×120mm
Focusing mechanism:
The primary / micro focusing are by the same axis.
Light source
LED cold light, 1W, the brightness can be regulated.
Power supply
Electronic transformer
Aluminum alloy case