Automatic Cbd Counting Production Line


SKU: P3786S

Product Description

Counting Packaging Production Line is our company's traditional equipment, according to different bottle type choose different machine model to meet requirement.

For example, plastic bottle packaging production line composed by bottle unscrambles, counting machine, plugging drier machine, capping machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, labeling machine.

Product No.
Applicable specification
Tablet / Capsule / Pill
Production speed
30-100 bottle/min
Power Supply
220V/380V   12KW

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Bottle Unscrambles

1. Applicable specification:5-1000ml
2. Production capacity:40-100 bots/min (according to the size and the shape of bottle)
3. Voltage: 220v/50HZ
4. Power: 0.25kw
5. Weight: 150kg
6. Dimension: 600-1500*1000mm

Counting Machine

1. Counting Speed: 2000-4000 pcs/min
2. Channel: 12
3. Diameter of bottle: 35-100mm
4. Height of bottle: 40-240mm
5. Power: 0.8kw
6. Voltage: 220V/50-60Hz
7. Weight: 650kg
8. Dimensions: 1800*1540*1600mm

Desiccant Filling Machine

1. Inserting speed: 40-70 bottle/min
2. Diameter of container: 30-70mm
3. Height of container: 50-200mm
4. Power: 0.5kw
5. Voltage: 220V/50-60Hz
6. Weight: 250kg
7. Dimensions: 1600*400*1560mm

Capping Machine

1. Capping speed: 50-160 bottle/min
2. Bottle diameter: 22-120mm
3. Bottle height: 60-280mm
4. Cap diameter: 22-120mm
5. Power: 1.3kw
6. Voltage: 220V/50-60Hz
7. Weight: 450kg
8. Dimensions: 2000*900*1800mm

Labeling Machine

1. Labeling speed: 50-200 bottle/min
2. Bottle diameter: 30-120mm
3. Label size: mas. height 180mm
4. Power: 0.3kw
5. Voltage: 220V/50-60Hz
6. Weight: 250kg
7. Diameter: 160*860*1400mm