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Product Description

Simple introduction

    HGH-300(500) type high purity hydrogen generator is a new type product developed on the foundation of the technology of astronautic fuel cells. The working principle of hydrogen generator is, hydrogen is produced by the electrolysis of water, and the produced oxygen is released to the atmosphere. It is made up of these systems such as the electrolyzing &separating pool, switch power, pressure control, desiccation& purification and flow display.
    The core part of the instruments is electrolyzing &separating pool, in which the positive pole is of tube type structure, the negative pole is of sheet metal shape, and both the poles are made of stainless steel. The electrolyzing &separating pools can store electrolyte, produce hydrogen as well as release hydrogen at the same time, and it is the best replacement to sheet shaped electrolyzing pools. The instruments have advantage such as the large electrolyzing area, low pool temperature, large production of hydrogen with high purity. The instruments are specially installed with the devices that can prevent liquid from returning, so the instruments can be effectively guaranteed that the phenomenon of liquid returning doesn't occur during working.


1. PEM technology---Proton Exchange Membrane
2. The PEM electrodes, as the core of the product, are highly active catalytic electrode with
nearly zero distance between the electrodes, which is formed by integrating composite catalyst
with ion membrane with high electrolytic efficiency.
3. Plural-electrode and multiunit electrolysis cell structure.
Excellent chemical technological process properties of heat and mass transfer.
4. Electrolysis of pure water( no adding alkali) to produce high purity (99.999%/99.9995%) hydrogen with no corrosion and pollution.
5. Voltage of cell is low, electronic resistance in the electrolysis cell is little, could greatly saving 

energy. Circle time for changing desiccants is long.
6. Power consumption is less, electrolysis is efficient
7. Hydrogen output flow under stable pressure. Gas produced on demand, no storage.

working power supply 
 rated power 
Gas pressure
Amount of gas
boundary dimension
Automatic filling
 relative humidity

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