{apm} Bj-2 Burst Time Limit Tester Machine


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BJ-2 Burst Time Limit Tester

The burst Limit Time Tester is used to test the burst circumstance of the solid preparation under the related condition.

Applied Standard:

The 2005 version of Medicine Encyclopedia of China
Company standard The Burst Time Limit Tester Q/12XQ0188-2004

Main features:

It has double cups, twelve cuvettes.
It has double cups and double ways, either way can circulate solely and be controlled respectively. Timing power off automatically.
It can control the temperature automatically with a high temperature-control precision.
The nacelle and the steeve are made of imported stainless steel.
It adopt mini-water pump circulated water even heating system with an even water temperature.
Full-automatic intellectuality control the temperature, time, and come-and-go frequency.
You can preset the time parameter optionally, timesharing shows the preset value and real-time value.
The automation: automatic test, automatic diagnosis, automatic alarm.

Technical parameter:

Quantity of the lift nacelle: 2
Quantity of the nacelle cuvette: 12
Flat bottom beaker volume: 1000 ml
Nacelle come-and-go frequency: (30--32)times/min
Nacelle come-and-go length: (55±1)mm
Screen cloth least space between: (25±2)mm
Timing scope: 1-900min

Timing precision: ±0.5min
Temperature presetting scope: 20-45?
Automatic temperature-control precision: ±0.5?
Heater power: 500W
Continuous working time: >24 hours
Power supply: 220V/50Hz
Power: 600W
Overall dimension: 26x30x42cm
Weight: 16 kg