Large Capacity Industrial Vacuum Food Freeze Dryer for Fruits Vegetables


SKU: P3085S

Product Description

GZS/TJL series vacuum freeze dryer can be widely used for the RESEARCH and PRODUCTION of various heat-sensitive biological products such as vaccine, biological product, medication, vegetable vacuum packing, snake power, turtle capsule and so on.
With the development of the biological, pharmaceutical, food and health are product industries , the vacuum freezing dryer is a necessary equipment in the research institutes and companies in such industries.

The vacuum freeze drying equipment is an advanced method for the material for the material tidewater. ATLAS technology from THE DENMARK. It has been very famous for its good results. It freezes the moisture material in the low temperature and makes the water inside sublimate directly in the vacuum condition. Then it collects the sublimated vapor by means of the condensing way so as to tidewater and dry the material.
Being processed by the vacuum freeze dryer, the physical, chemical and biological states of the material are basically unchanged. The volatile and nutritious contents in the material, which are easy to be denatured in a warm condition, will be lost a little. When the material is freezing dried, it will be formed into a porous one and its volume be basically the same to that before drying. Therefore, the processed material can be recovered quickly if being watered again, because of its large contacting area and it can be stored for a long period in a sealed vessel.

Main Features:
Our GZS/TJL Vacuum Freeze Dryer Designed and manufactured based on GIMP requirement, ATLAS technology&structure, adopts a solid construction with a small occupied area and convenient installation and transportation.
Its operation can be controlled by hand, automatic program or computer. It will be more reliable if being equipped with the unit.