Hospital Double Acting Clean Room Door


SKU: P4272S

Product Application

The doors and windows of the clean room is APM for the color plate wall installation designed and developed a new type of doors and windows, using the most advanced production, with attractive appearance, good sealing, sturdy and durable.

The CR door according to the material can be divided into finished aluminum frame doors, stainless steel frame finished doors, all stainless steel finished doors, steel mouth products window, double-glazed observation window with a rounded edge or square edge.

Clean room double seal window:
The clean room window with double seal is used for all levels of clean room, purification room, dust-free room and trailer etc.

Standard size of clean room double seal window:
W: 1180mm×H: 1200mm. As to customer’s requirements, single or double seal window of different sizes can be customized.
Material: 5 mm toughened glass.

Production of clean room double seal window:
Window frames: aluminum profile.
Surface: electrostatic powder painting processing.
Color: As to customer's requirements.
Form: hand plate type with double open.
Seal: imported 3M industrial tape sealing, neutral silica gel.
Drying: The molecular sieve desiccant is used inside.

Single door
Double door(Small & big door)
W:700mm×H:2100 mm
W:900mm×H:2100 mm
W:800mm×H:2100 mm
W:1500mm×H:2100 mm
W:900mm×H:2100 mm
W:1800mm×H:2100 mm