Dph-260 Roller-plate High Speed Blister Packing Machine


SKU: P4608S

 DPH-260 Roller-plate high speed blister packing machine


DPH-260 Roller-plate high speed blister packing machine collected plate type forming and roller sealing as incorporator. It applies to medicine packing, such as variety specification of sugar coated tablet, tablets, capsule, soft capsule and so on. It’s also suitable for packing small hardware, electronic component, medical appliance and foodstuff.

  1. High speed, high stability and accuracy of machine running.
  2. Width of PVC and PTP are260mm, design more humanized.
  3. Flat plate normal pressure to form, Roller plate sealing, so that make the grid pattern beautiful generous.
  4. It can be compatible with universal feeding and special feeding.

5.PLC programmable controller, stepless frequency inverter , man-machine interface to operation, The Cutting frequency of this model is 20-160 times/min. Cutting and Frequency according to length of block.

  1. Heating way: internal heating and control temperature automatically, so that make forming, sealing and batch number accurately and reliably.
  2. It has lengthen filling platform, can improve yield, can load conveyor belt, can with camera detection, photoelectric alignment device.
  3. Cross punching without waste material, this machine can save packing materials about 10%.

Technical parameter:

Cutting frequency: 40-160 plates/min

Max. forming area: 245*110mm

Max. forming depth: 12mm

Travel adjusting: 150-250mm

Size of standard plate: 80*57mm

Width and thickness of PVC and PTP: PVC:260*0.15?0.3mm PTP: 260*0.02?0.03mm

Power supply: 380V 50HZ ,main motor: 1.1kw   heating: 10.8kw



Capacity of mold: Tap water or cycling water, 60L/H

Overall size: 4350*1070*2200mm

Weight: 2000kg