Automatic Plastic Pp Pe Pet Bottle Unscrambler


SKU: P4411S

Brief introduction

With the touch screen & PLC control, bottles are managed automatically and efficiently, and the machine will be stopped automatically when there is bottle blocking. The static dust collecting device can clean the internal of plastic bottles, which is optional. It’s convenient to change product size.

The hopper door can be controlled in the touch screen, and it’s convenient for operators to charge. The hopper is big and there will be alarm when there is no bottle.

This machine is widely used for the automatic managing of all kinds of containers, including round bottles, square bottles and irregular-shape bottles.

General Description:

High Speed Automatic Bottle Unscrambler is one member of our plastic bottle packing line. It has high speed, suitability to other machines and is able to supply bottles to two producing lines simultaneously through two separate conveyors.

The machine is based upon the most advanced technology and techniques, supplying bottles fast and stably. For various sizes of bottles , users may only need to change the bottle unscrambling plate (if the bottle sizes are not of much difference, no need to change) and adjust the bottle supplying lane.

The machine has a container that can store 4000 (40 X 75 60ml) plastic bottles inside. Users may also supply the container with bottles using an escalating system according to the number of bottles inside the container. A photoelectric sensor detects the bottle storage and feeds the bottle automatically into the container as settings made by the user.

The machine is easy to operate and it has PLC controlling system for the whole working process.

50-150 bottles minute
Tum Table Diameter
Tum Table Rotating, Escalating,Bottle Separating, Bottle Clamping Speed
Transaction step-less speed regulate
Vessel Diameter
Vessel Height
30-120 mm
Hopper Capacity
Power Supper
AC220V1P 50-60 Hz
Compress Air Pressure
0.3-0.4 Mpa
Air Consumption
50L min
Power Consumption
1.2 KW
Dimension (LxWxH)
3000 x 1300 x 1350mm